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Michael Lavin

2023 Offerings and Pricing:

  • One off sessions- $125/hr

  • 3-session follow up package- $300 ($100/hr)

  • 5-session follow up package- $450 ($90/hr)

  • Flexible scheduling available.

  • Coordinate directly with the coach.








Michael Lavin

Coaches Bio:

I have been playing poker for 13 years; professionally for a period from 2009 to 2011, and again most recently from April 2020 until now. Originally a sit and go grinder, I made the switch to MTTs and never looked back. Prior to Black Friday, I was ranked 64th in the world on Pocketfives for MTTs. In addition, I also finished the years 2009 and 2010 as the 151st and 40th ranked player in the world on Full Tilt Poker.

After moving away from the game, I started playing again on PokerStars Pennsylvania during quarantine. I quickly rediscovered my passion and began climbing the ranks, finishing the calendar year 2020 as the 3rd most profitable tournament player on Sharkscope. The game had changed tremendously since 2011, and I used notable training sites Run It Once and Upswing Poker, in combination with Michael Acavedo’s Modern Poker Theory, to relearn tournament poker.

What to Expect

We will go over your tournament hand histories using my preferred study tools, Floptimal, ICMizer, and GTOWizard to plug leaks in your game. We will cover proper RFI (Raise First In), defenses, and reactions throughout the tournament, and then address possible exploits against the population. We will also use ICMizer to go over the difference in play at final tables. My goal in our training is to supply you with GTO fundamentals to unlock your ability to exploit the competition. You will also receive access to my private discord channel where you can: share hand histories with fellow students and pros; talk meta strategy; and watch tournaments through exclusive discord streams.

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